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In short

This was my third try at a business venture with 2 friends, still improving my skills in ecommerce. We white labelled iphone cases and sold them using social media. But I left the project after a few months due to a burnout.

Why ?

A few months before starting this project, I went out with a girl that was crazy over a German brand called XOUXOU, I made fun of her for wearing such a funny looking phone case, and told her that I could find the same thing at a wholesaler for a few euros. She didn’t believe me, so I made some research and not only found it, but decided to build a similar business in France before XOUXOU decided to expand into other european countries because it was interesting to see someone so crazy over a product.


  • Ecommerce is not an easy thing when on a budget, we wanted to have an influencer marketing strategy, but the budget wasn’t big enough to do it.
  • I had some experience with ecom & webdesign, but my 2 other co-founders had never created a proper business, and had no internet skills when starting, which made it harder.

Notes to self / Key Insights

  • This project was mostly a waste of time on my part, I did most of the work (building the website front-end & back-end, doing the design) but we had negotiated 33.3% of the profits for each of the 3 co-founders, which was not the smartest business move from me. Still, I learned from it and I don’t regret trying this at 19 years old.
  • I learned to choose wisely who I work with, by basing my choice on skills only.
  • I left the project due to a burnout, and when I gave it some thought after a few months, I just shouldn’t have started a project I wasn’t willing to go all out in, that had only short term goals, and that was only for the money.

Milestones & Achievements

2020: Promotion by the influencersselmakacisebbagh & madbadting