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In short

Another e-commerce project, started with some friends, that I left after 18 months because I preferred to focus on my freelance clients as it was more financially viable.

Why ?

After my first business venture fail, I wanted to build a more legit brand, so I conviced a few guys at a party to let me be their web designer and manager, I would handle the techy stuff, and they would handle the relationship with the tee printer guy in our city and the deliveries.


  • Ecommerce is not an easy thing when on a budget, we wanted to have an influencer marketing strategy, but the budget wasn’t big enough to do it.
  • I wasn’t the biggest fan of the “streetwear” vibe of the brand, and I often disagreed with other members about this and the art direction.

Notes to self / Key Insights

  • I learned a lot from this project, even if it kind of was the clichĂ© of the young high school kid starting a clothing brand, I do not regret it, we had fun moments, and I came out of it a bit smarter.

Milestones & Achievements

2018: 3000 followers on Instagram.
2019: Owning a stand at parties on boats & nightclubs to promote the brand.
2020: Sponsorship of the rappers @letopsothug & @cheublacheuw.