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Presence on social media

In short

I decided to document a bit more what I do on a personal youtube channel, my twitter, and on this website. 😉

I am not 100% focused on the channel as I’m spending more time like learning how to code at the moment, so being consistent with content is not my N°1 priority (for now).

Why ?

I tried to build my first online business when I was 16 (and failed miserably), and what gave me the courage to do it was other people teaching and documenting what they knew and learned online. I feel pretty greatful and want to do something similar. 


  • A personal brand has to be consistently fueled with content. It is not easy to do when having a part time job, part time school, and also learning how to code.

Milestones & Achievements

August 2020: Made my first video and got 800 views & 25 subs from it after a few weeks.

October 2020: Made my second video and got 1000 views & 30 subs from it after a few weeks.