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Here is a list of the software & hardware I use.



Note Taking · Project Management

I basically use Notion to plan and organize most of the things I do.

The Affinity Suite

Design · Photo Editing

I switched from the Adobe Suite to the Affinity Suite because of the fixed price. I do not regret my choice, and I can still do the same things as with the Adobe Suite fairly easily.

DaVinci Resolve

Video Editing

The best video editing software for my needs, I can edit quality videos quickly, easily, and for free. Moreover, Resolve is more stable than other software I used previously.

Plini Archetype from Neural DSP

Guitar Amp Simulator

The only virtual amp I have, I don’t use a pedal board or anything, just this.


Dell XPS 8960


My config is an Intel core I7 (9th gen), a Nvidia RTX 2060, and 32Gb of RAM. I use it for work, video editing, making music, and sometimes gaming.

Sony Alpha 6400

Camera · Photo · Video

This is the camera I’m using to film my videos on YouTube, I find it great and I think that it’s a very solid camera to begin creating content.

Logitech MX Master 2S


The best mouse I owned so far, very handy when doing video editing and productivity tasks. It is on the heavier side though.

Logitech MX Keys


I am not a mechanical keyboard fanboy, and the MX just works, it is practical, elegant, efficient, and can pair to both Windows & Mac devices easily. 

Philips Fidelio X2HR


This is an open-ear headset, I find it comfortable for a few hours of use, and the audio quality works both for multimedia and for recording myself playing the guitar.

Rode PodMic


I think that this mic was a solid choice, as it is a great bank for your buck, I use it to record my videos, and also my acoustic guitar. 

Focus­rite Scar­lett Solo 3rd Gen

Sound Card

Good bank for your bank audio interface. It works well.

Cloudlifter CL-1

Mic Amp

I use it for my mic to amplify the sound, I found it a bit pricey but it’s solid.

Fender Telecaster MN Polar White

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar I use for my music.

Lag T70D Dreadnought

Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar I use for my music.

Arturia MKII

MIDI Keyboard

The MIDI keyboard I use for my music.

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