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On this page, you can see my different work experiences, as well as projects I worked on with clients.聽

Freelance Work

Some case studies of missions I did for clients, and my key takeways from them.

Marketing Banana聽路 Since 2020

Marketing 路 Design聽路 Youtube

A youtube channel in which I talk about marketing, psychology, and try to make interesting content for people to watch and learn from.

Personal Brand聽路 Since 2020

Youtube聽路 Twitter聽路 Blog

I decided to document a bit more what I do on a personal youtube channel, my twitter, and on this website. 馃槈


Guitar 路 Piano 路 Beatmaking

I like to make music from time to time, I’m far from being the best musician out there but I’m just having fun.


The different jobs I had, and my key takeways from them.

Sandu Posters聽路 2020 (Finished)

Design 路 Instagram

This is a 2 month long design study that I did at the beginning of 2020 to improve my use of typography, layouts, contrast, and shapes in my designs.

Minimo 路 2019-2020 (Still Going)

E-commerce 路 Marketing 路 Design

This was my third try at a business venture with 2 friends, still improving my skills in ecommerce. We white labelled iphone cases and sold them using social media.

Noche Paris聽路 2017-2019 (Still Going)

E-commerce 路 Marketing 路 Design

Another e-commerce project, started with some friends, that I quit after two years because I preferred to focus on my freelance clients as it was more financially viable.

Tiger-Bands聽路 2017 (Dead)

E-commerce 路 Marketing 路 Design

My first try at entrepreneurship when I was 16 years old, I tried to build an e-commerce business, which failed due to my lack of experience at the time.