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In short

When making my second video on my personal YouTube channel, I had the idea of creating this little product, which is a curated list of Notion Third party tools, templates and resources. So I made it in a few hours and posted it on Product Hunt, and on Reddit.

Why ?

I made this product because I wanted to test out launching something on Product Hunt, and also because I wanted to use it as leverage to promote my YouTube channel.


  • Creating it was not pose a big challenge, it was just a bit tidious.
  • I needed to find interesting ways to advertise my channel by leveraging the tool.



  • I posted it on Product Hunt, and only got 10 upvotes in one week, I can call this action a fail, but it is not surprising as Notion Tools does not solve any really painful problem.
  • On the Reddit side of things though, I got more interesting results, as the two posts got about 500 upvotes together, brought me about 600 views in 2 days on YouTube, and doubled my subscriber count, which is not bad for a 25 sub channel. Posting on Reddit was a small win!

Notes to self / Key Insights

  • I should try to solve a more painful problem, or be more useful next time.
  • Notion Tools is supposed to be an open source resource, but sadly I was tho one who added most of the elements (I added 35 of the 40 current elements) in the list, which I can understand as people did not have any incentive bigger than “please guys be nice and share what tools you know”, that’s sadly not strong enough.
  • I spent a bit of time on Reddit, and I think that I was able to understand how to “advertise” on it: by being humble, nice, and as wholesome as possible, providing value and making people curious, and by not actively advertising on it. Let me explain:

1. My first post talked about the Notion tools and got a fairly decent amount of upvotes (225), I emphasized the fact that the list is free  and collaborative in the title of the post, which could be considered as wholesome, and it made people curious.

2. For my second post, I leveraged my first by only talking about the most appreciated tool from the list (which is awesome) called Notion Enhancer, which allows people to have more unique features and a better dark mode. my post was simply this:

My second post showed an “unseen version of the Notion app before” which generated more than 200 upvotes too, people asked me about the dark mode, so I told them about Notion Enhancer, but also about my Notion setup, and I told them about my video, this is why I was able to get this spike a views yesterday 🙂

Promoting my channel by creating free stuff is efficient, yes, but only doing this cannot be a sustainable long-term strategy, as creating free things is not financially viable if I want to live from my business, but it still was really cool to get a lot of positive feedback from the video and Notion Tools. And it’s just the beginning, so I think that’s it’s totally okay to focus on things that don’t scale to kickstart my presence online.
I think that I’m going to focus on growing my audience to around 1k email subscribers by sharing cool things online. And I will start monetizing once I have the audience.